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Help Resources

Simergy Help Content contains a number of different resources that target providing different ways for you to get up to speed with Simergy, address questions and view examples and different workflows.

Short Video Tutorials
A series of 2-13 min. video tutorials that cover different areas and approaches to using Simergy. The videos are currently available on the Simergy website on the Help & Support page. Short video tutorials will continue to be added to the series.

Simergy Online Help
Simergy Help can be accessed by selecting "question mark" icon in the upper right of Simergy interface.

(Download) Simergy Help Compiled HTML
The CHM file is the larger repository where a majority of the resources described below reside and are accessible directly in Simergy. The CHM file contains a substantial amount of information that ranges from the workspace descriptions for the Simergy interface to the different areas, categories and down to the field level. In addition the EnergyPlus Input Output Reference, which is ~1,800 pages of documentation, is incorporated into the CHM as well.


The Guides are subsets of the Simergy CHM content that make more detailed information about certain topics readily available. They are also provided in a pdf format (links on left column).

How to Use Simergy Help Guide
A quick guide to walk you through how to use and access the available resources.

Workspace Guide
Walks you through the main, typical and unique workspaces in Simergy to introduce the structure of the program and provide an introduction to a range of the features.

Daylighting Guide
The Daylighting Guide through the steps to incorporate Daylighting Controls into your BEM. Key topics include:

  • How to activate daylighting controls for a model
  • How to set up Daylighting Groups and assign templates
  • Naming Conventions for Templates and Libraries of Simergy Content
  • Daylighting Outputs

ASHRAE Baseline System 7 Sample File Guide
The sample file ASHRAE -7 VAV (referred to as System 7) installed with Simergy at


is "simulation ready". The sample file contains all the components and input values required for simulation, and is an example of a model containing a HVAC system type that contains multiple water loops. The System 7 Guide contains a breakdown of the different components of the sample file that are presented by going through each tab on the Simergy Interface. The Simergy Map also displays all of the Libraries and Templates Categories that are used within the sample file and they are mapped to the different interface tabs. It is useful for New and Experienced users!

Results Visualization Guide
The data visualization capabilities within Results Visualization allows you to explore the output variables individually, in groups and across multiple design alternatives.  You can use the predefined  Results Screen Templates that include up to four pre-defined views of graphed output variables to quickly start the "deep dive" or you can create and customize your own using the twelve different chart types.

EnergyPlus Input Output Reference
The "go to source" for getting familiar and addressing initial questions about EnergyPlus. The EnergyPlus Input Output Reference (IO Ref) contains comprehensive documentation of EnergyPlus down to the field level. In addition to the object and field level descriptions, it provides examples of input values and explanation of the output variables associated with each object. It is a vast wealth of information that is crucial to understanding what is under the hood of Simergy. To access the other EnergyPlus documentation pdfs, you can find them within the documentation folder where EnergyPlus has been installed on your computer. An on-line version of the Input Output Reference can be accessed by selecting this topic title.

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