Simergy related publications

A data model for building simulation: SimModel

O’Donnell, J., R. See, R. Cody, T. Maile, V. Bazjanac, and P. Haves. (2011). SimModel: A domain data model for whole building energy simulation. Proceedings of the Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011, 382–389.
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BIM guidelines to create geometry models for import into Building Energy Simulation (Simergy)

Maile, T., J. O’Donnell, V. Bazjanac, and C. Rose. (2013). BIM–Geometry modelling guidelines for building energy performance simulation. Proceedings of the Proceedings of BS2013, 3242–3249.

Using Results Visualization to analyze building performance data

O’Donnell, J., T. Maile, K. Settlemyre, and P. Haves. (2013). A visualization environment for analysis of measured and simulated building performance data. Proceedings of the Proceedings of BS2013, 2651–2657.
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Integration of Title24 into Simergy

Maile, T., P. Haves, and R. See. (2015). Integrating a rule-based code compliance software platform into a building simulation front end. Proceedings of the Proceedings of BS2015, 1909–1915.
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Illustrating the impact of traditional center line energy modeling versus real 3D energy modeling (5%)

Bazjanac, V., T. Maile, and C. Nytsch-Geusen. (2016). Generation of building geometry for energy performance simulation using Modelica. Proceedings of the Proceedings of the CESBP Central European Symposium on Building Physics, 2016.
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Detailed description of the development of the new Simergy assessment reports

Maile, T., and R. See. (2017). Visual Quality Assessment of Building Energy Performance Simulation Models. Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 15th IBPSA Conference, 2217–2223.
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