Simergy Feature Comparison

Feature areaStandard
  User support Limited Full
  Support on website
  Training courses
  Professional customer support
  First project support
  Multiple design alternatives and comparison of simulation results
  Building Model Creator Basic Full
  Number of thermal zones 15 unlimited
  Predefined shapes
  DWG Model-Over
  IFC import
  gbXML import
  IDF import Basic Full (95%)
  Autodiagramming of HVAC systems during IDF import
  Spaces, Zones, and Zone Groups -- with templates for zone loads, daylighting, and Zone HVAC equipment
  Air Loops Basic Full
  Single duct air loop
  Dual duct air loop
  Triple duct air loop
  Water Loops Basic Full
  Chilled water loop
  Hot water loop
  Condenser loop
  Service hot water loop
  Mixed water loop
  Steam loop
  Primary water loop
  Secondary water loop
  Advanced HVAC systems
  Variable Refrigerant Flow (VFR) loop and equipment
  Photovoltaic (PV)
  Solar thermal collectors
  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators
  Model validation checking Basic Full
  Standard model validation checking
  Professional model validation checking
  Details on validation check results
  Issue Resolution Knowledgebase
  Model issues resolution Knowledgebase -- which helps users quickly resolve issues for successful simulation
  Results reporting Basic Full
  Standard simulation results reporting
  Professional simulation results reporting (more reports)
  Results Visualization
  Results Visualization – enabling graphs/charts for any variables reported by EnergyPlus
  Libraries and Templates
  Standard libraries and templates for the Zone HVAC, Air, and Water loops
  Advanced Template features – copy objects between libraries and spreadsheet view of objects
  Exporting of building models
  Export of IDF Files
  Export of IFC Files
  Export of SimXML Files
  UI Features Basic Full
  EnergyPlus installation and configuration
  Simulation automation
  Autosave/Restore feature
  Advanced property grid features – summary fields and capacity tab
  Demand response
  For demand response: Demand manager