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Simergy™ is a Building Energy Modeling (BEM) front-end to the US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) EnergyPlus simulation engine. Working with DOE, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Trane, Infosys, and Hydro Quebec, Digital Alchemy has been the primary developer for this full featured BEM creation application. A BEM is more than just a Building Information Model (BIM). It is a BIM that includes detailed information about the building systems, loads, schedules, building site, climate, and target conditions for occupants in the building. In Simergy, users can create these models from scratch, create them based on DWG/DXF drawings, or import and extend models already developed in architectural design applications like Revit™, ArchiCAD™, Bentley Architecture™, and other applications that are able to export either IFC or gbXML BIM files.

Key Features:

  • IFC import and export, gbXML import
  • Design/creation of HVAC Systems and low energy features like
    daylighting control and Natural ventilation
  • Definition of Zone loads, Zone target conditions, schedules, and more
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface
  • Integration with EnergyPlus for easy simulations management
  • Standard reporting of simulation results
  • Easy to use graphing/charting of simulation results variables

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