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BIM Binder™

BIM Binder™ is an application for handoff information about a new or retrofit building, integrated into a Building Information Model (BIM). It was developed by Digital Alchemy for a large construction company looking to deliver such information to building owners in a form that is easier to use, and thus, more valuable.

Users start by importing a model already developed in architectural design applications like Revit™, ArchiCAD™, Bentley Architecture™, and others that are able to export IFC BIM files. Users are then able to associate any documents with the site, building, building stories, spaces, and even individual objects in the BIM. Users can also associate any user defined data, again with any of: site, building, building stories, spaces, and individual objects. After delivery, building owners, facility managers, and operations staff members can locate associated documents and properties (including all the properties that came from the original design application) by clicking on an object in either the 3D view or in the data model tree.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface
  • IFC import of existing design building models
  • Association of documents with any object, or groups of objects in the BIM
  • Association of user defined properties with any object, or groups of objects in the BIM
  • Fast retrieval of documents and data associated with any object in the BIM by simply selecting the object
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