In this session, you will see how you can answer building energy questions in early stages of design – questions like:

  • How much energy is needed to condition my building?
  • How much energy can be saved by using triple low-e glazing?
  • What is the difference in energy performance between an air to air heat pump and a typical VAV water cooled and heated system (ASHRAE7)?

You will see that this can be done by anyone, using new tools for building energy modeling. In this short time, you will see:

  • Creating a new building model
  • Defining loads and target conditions
  • Creating HVAC systems
  • Creating multiple design alternatives
  • Annual simulation of the building’s energy performance
  • Graphic simulation results that answer the questions above

And there will be time for you to ask questions about any topic.


Tobias Maile

Lead for Systems and Simulation

Richard See

Managing Director



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