Simergy basic training course

This is an interactive hands-on training course.

This basic Simergy training course builds on the Simergy webinar in that the participant will learn how to create a Simergy model using Building Model Creator and the System Model Creator within Simergy. We will also feature the new building sections, and scripting features to find answers to raised design questions. We will provide an overview of important Simergy feature areas with pointers to more detailed resources.

Prerequisites: Latest Simergy version installed and attendance of the Simergy webinar.

Software: Simergy Professional

You must have Simergy Professional installed on your machine and be ready to create a building energy model on your PC. If you have any trouble installing or if your trial for the professional version already expired, let us know and we will help you.

Interactive Training

The goal of this training is to teach you how to create your first Simergy model and we will support you throughout this training course. Since this is a virtual training session, we are dependent on your active participation (we cannot look over your shoulders and provide tips and hints). YOU MUST BE ABLE AND WILLING TO TALK TO US WITH A MICROPHONE OR VIA A PHONE LINE.

Training Format

We will go through a number of lessons in this training. For each lesson we will show you the steps in a live demo. After the demo you will have some time to follow the same steps (via a script that spells out each single step) on your own machine and report to us verbally or through chat, how you are progressing and if you encountered any difficulties or have any questions.


Tobias Maile

Lead for Systems and Simulation

Richard See

Managing Director





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Screenshots of the training model

Building Creator System Creator Results Visualizations