How do I create a building with courtyards?

Courtyards in Buildings (as shown in the screenshot below)



Steps for Creating a Courtyard:

  1. File > New > Buildings > New Stories
  2. Set number of stories > Set all the other parameters except shape > then set shape to Freeform – this will put you into ‘draw mode’ in the plan view
  3. Take note of the controls above the plan view when in ‘draw mode’ (see screenshot below).


    These controls allow you to perform Boolean operations on the shapes you draw – using the “Add” and “Subtract” radio buttons.  First select “Add” mode and draw the outer walls of your building > then select “Subtract” mode and draw the courtyard shape.  As you are drawing a loop, if you mis-click > click Control+Z to undo the last point clicked.  If you want to edit the shapes more, use the “Add” and “Subtract” to modify the shapes.  When you are happy with the shapes > click on “Shape Complete.”  This will tell the Building Model Creator™ to create the building stories.

    NOTE-1: You can create multiple courtyards, by creating multiple inner-loops using “Subtract.”

    NOTE-2: If you want to modify these shapes at a later time (i.e. a design change), do the following:

    1. Select the building story in the tree – this will load all the parameters for this building story
    2. Change any parameters other than shape first (e.g. floor to floor height, ceiling height, glazing parameters
    3. To then change the freeform shapes > click on “Edit Shape” above the plan > make changes using the Boolean operations as you did when you created the original shapes.