How to model thermal bridges in Simergy?

Establishing thermal bridge parameters

With a tool like LBNL’s Therm, you can determine basic parameters about thermal bridges, such as area, thickness, and thermal resistance.

 Defining the thermal bridge material layer set

  • Go to the Library workspace
  • Select MLS Editor
  • Press the New button
  • Select OpaqueLayerSet as Type
  • Select NoMass as MaterialType for the first layer in the MLS grid on the right and specify a material name, thickness, R-Value per Thickness and Roughness value and Save. 


Apply thermal bridge material layer set

  • Go to Building workspace
  • Select Custom Openings
  • Select a wall in the 3D view (or the 2D view or the tree)
  • Click on New Door and place the “door” representing your thermal bridge in context of the wall.
  • Change the Construction to the Thermal Bridge MLS you created above.