Online Training & Webinars


As you know, creating a Building Information Model (BIM) requires focus and dedication, but also provides great value to building designers, contractors, and owners. One of areas of highest value is in using simulation and analysis engines to predict the performance of the building and compare alternatives in order to optimize the performance of that building. Simergy was developed to enable you to do these things. Currently, Simergy will enable simulation and analysis for:

  • Energy Performance using EnergyPlus simulation engine and OpenStudio tools
  • Daylighting Performance using Radiance simulation engine
  • Building Energy Code compliance assessment using California Energy Commissions CBECC engine

The resources below will enable you to learn the fundamentals for using Simergy to create, simulate, and analyze Building Models. You will also learn how to generate reports for simulation results, how to specify the results data you want from EnergyPlus for inclusion in custom reports, and how to generate charts and graphs for these simulation results for inclusion in energy analysis reports for your clients.

We recommend that you start with one or more of the webinars, as this provides a nice overview in less than an hour.