Scheduled Milestones

  • Release of Simergy v3.0 (SP6) - resolves issues reported by users
  • Professional users early access to Simergy v3.1.  Improvements include:
    • Multiple buildings in a project
    • Occupancy-driven loads, target conditions, schedules, and controls = much easier BEM configuration as most things get default values, based on occupancy - for the building, building section, or building story
    • Expanded rule-based model validation
    • Extended Building System Creator™
    • Energy Efficiency Measure (scripting) improvements
    • Materials/Constructions mapper for imported models

Scheduled Events

  • Webinar (4-Dec): How Simergy can answer your building energy design questions
  • Training (6-Dec): Creating and Simulating your first Building Energy Model in Simergy

Event Date: 11/30/2018 11:59:00 PM